I love staying put during holiday weekends.

Need to drive somewhere? The road’s open. The city shrinks to its actual size. We’ve taken four trips to the airport in the past 10 days, and every one of them was a breeze. Biking through the neighborhoods is such a quiet business, you can just listen for vehicular traffic as you glide along.

Bad news for business owners, I know, but damn it’s nice to just walk into a popular restaurant or pub and know you’ll get a table. Setting up in this morning’s coffee shop (Caffe Fiore in Ballard; yes, that’s my finger nudging into the frame on the left), I had my pick of tables.caffefiore

Especially bad news for pal Shea Wilson, co-owner of the U District’s College Inn Pub, but I especially like pedaling over to the University of Washington in the summer to take advantage of all that great space to work (on and off campus).

The clock’s running down on my 15-minute blog-burst. I was going to say something about how my love of relatively deserted urban spaces has infiltrated my writing. Now must just report that I’ve recently realized that summer holiday-vacated Seattle factors into four of my current novel-in-progress’s seven sections.