About Me

My name is David Downing, and I’m a Seattle-based fiction writer who’s always loved working with other writers and their stories. I earned my MFA in creative writing at the University of Washington, then taught fiction writing for 10 years at UW Extension. The first four or so years I taught on campus in the evening, and then I developed the distance learning Introduction to Literary Fiction Writing curriculum and taught online for six years.

I gave up teaching upon the arrival of our daughter—there just weren’t enough hours in the day for that, my own writing, my day job at a Seattle architecture firm, AND Sophie. Years passed, and I moved from the architecture firm to a small online media company (and, now and then, an enormous software company).

In August 2010 I began supplementing my day-job income with fiction editing work. A year later, I moved over to freelance fiction editing full-time, and I’m loving it.

I edit two or three books a month, and am typically (and very happily) booked at least a couple of months out. If that timing works for you, I’d love to talk to you about working together. You can reach me at david@maxeditorial [dot] com.

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